PHIX Photonics Assembly secures funding from Innovation Industries and Oost NL

PHIX's goal of becoming a world leader in this field has become one step closer.

PHIX secures funding

The photonics market is estimated to grow exponentially during the next 5 years. Photonic technologies find their way into many sectors, including health care, automotive, sensing, consumer electronics and many more.

PHIX started its operations in July 2018 to serve the growing demand for photonic assembly activities. By acting as a back-end foundry service, the customers of PHIX do not need to invest in their own equipment and assembly processes. The investments of Innovation Industries and Oost NL will catalyze PHIX’s growth and its abitions to scale up its manufacturing volumes. In order to serve customers from prototype to volume, PHIX also provides engineering support for product development and design guidelines that take future volume manufacturing requirements into account at an early stage of PIC [Photonic Integrated Circuits] and product design.

You can read the whole story here.

Albert Hasper, CEO PHIX, +31 53 483 6850, a.hasper@phix.com.
Daniƫlle Gijsbertse, Oost NL, +31 6 28 84 77 33, danielle.gijsbertse@oostnl.nl




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