U-Needle secures Euro 4,9 million growth financing

Global rollout of U-Needle's Bella-mu product range

U-Needle secures growth financing its Bella-mu product range

U-Needle is pleased to announce the closing of an equity financing round of EUR 4,9 million by Holland Capital and Waterman Ventures along with existing shareholders including UT International Ventures incubator fund.
The funding will be used to scale-up the production of Bella-mu, and to expand U-Needle’s commercial activities globally. Bella-mu will unlock the true potential of intradermal drug delivery and become the preferred route of administration for numerous existing and future therapies, ranging from aesthetics to vaccination.



U-Needle has developed Bella-mu, a range of needles created for intradermal (within the skin) drug delivery. Intradermal injections are used for many innovative therapies and vaccines as well as for treatments in the field of aesthetics. For example, the intradermal route of delivery, allows for directly targeting the immune system, enabling more effective treatments and significant dose-sparing effects.
During a pandemic outbreak such as COVID19, such dose-sparing effects may assist in vaccinating as many people as soon as possible in a period of limited availability of the vaccine. Bella-mu is an easy-to-use, patient friendly intradermic needle that is very small (micro), very sharp, highly accurate and far more reliable than conventional methods. As opposed to standard hypodermic stainless steel needles, Bella-mu is manufactured using semiconductor technology, making it a highly scalable product. Bella-mu is CE certified, has recently received FDA 510(k) clearance and is currently sold globally to top tier pharma companies.

Jeroen Wissink, CEO U-Needle: “We have always been aware of our potential regarding pandemic outbreaks, not expecting it to come so fast!  We are very happy that we have found these professional partners to help us make a positive impact on the health of many people worldwide at exactly the right time.”

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